We can easily and quickly set up a company in two days. In addition, our attorneys can get the tax ID, articles of incorporation, chamber of commerce registration and shareholder ledger. We can set up in Colombian territory, especially cities like Medellin, Bogota, Cali, Barranquilla, Cartagena and Pereira among others.

Corporate Tax Law:

We are a team of consultants specializing in business law with emphasis on corporate, tax and accounting planning at a national and international level.

Corporate Exchange Law:

We have alliances with the major banks in Colombia to open accounts. We provide ongoing counseling to our clients in monetary exchange procedures, especially in the areas of imports, exports, services, foreign investment, foreign debt, among others.

Transfer Pricing Reports:

Consulting services in Transfer Pricing reports, including the individual information report and the transfer pricing study for companies with related parties abroad, in tax free zones in Colombia, and/or those who carry out transactions with non-cooperative countries.

Accounting Services:

The accounting services include the following concepts in compliance with Colombian regulations, among others: a). Data processing in the Colombian system. b). Filing the bi-monthly sales tax report c). Filing the monthly withholding report. d). Filing the Declaration of Industry and Commerce annually. e). Filing the Statement of Income and complementary tax statement annually. f). Renewing the chamber of commerce membership annually g). Reporting the Magnetic media to the DIAN (IRS) annually. h) Releasing the tax Withholding certificates to vendors annually.


It is vital for our clients to assess their real situation under Colombian law with regards to the proper withholding percentage before making any payments. Our expertise in Treasury and HR will prevent fines, hassles or embarrassments with the DIAN(IRS) or governmental agencies.


Foreign companies with operations in Colombia.

International trading.

Users of Free Zones.

Construction sector.

Sector Mining, Agricultural, Bananero and Floricultor.

Commercial section.

Chemical industry.

Textile industry.

Manufacturing industry.

Business Services.